Yes, we ship world via DHL.

When pregnant and breastfeeding, it is strictly advised not to use any of our product. Contact your GP or doctor for advice.

It is more advisable to use face cream on your face. Body lotions should NEVER be applied to your face because they’re usually a lot thicker and typically contain fragrances that might irritate your facial skin. On your face, you should always use something gentler and more delicate.

Our products are natural free from harmful chemical and banned ingredients like steroids Hydroquinone. We only use natural ingredients approved to be used in EU.

Yes, our products are made from natural ingredients to suit all skin types this includes sensitive skin.

Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Product texture, fragrance and colour may change or vary, don’t be alarmed. We may reduce the colour used in products or reduce thickness based on customer’s feedback.

currently we do not offer pick but this will bel available in the near future.

Yes, via our social media pages as well as WhatsApp.