Exclusive Body Whitening lotion/face whitening cream


Exclusive skin whitening milk for normal colour skin type, light years away, polishes the skin and accelerates cell turn over to help healthier skin glow, at the same time, it helps to remove dead skin cells, resulting in a more even, balanced complexion and brightened skin tone. It offers very stable deeper skin-brightened complexion. The complexion you achieve while using this product is stable, and does not fluctuate. Not suitable for children under 12. If irritation occurs please discontinue use. 

Uses: recommended skin lightening for normal skin type. Use twice a day. Does not wash away the epidermis, gradually lightens the skin from within, with age reversal and younger fresh look

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Ingredients: Distilled water, aloe vera, pearl powder, alpha arbutin, safflower oil, beta arbutin, almond oil, mulberry root extract, Niacinamide, glutathione, natural fruit acid, sodium lactate, licorice root extract, azelaic acid, retinoic acid, Cetearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, PEG 150, preservative, fragrance, papaya fruit extracts, and of course with Love. 


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