Exclusive body whitening lotion Full set


This set is a powerful combo, that will whiten your skin in less than 2 months of continues use. The set includes

Exclusive body whitening lotion

Exclusive face whitening cream

Kojic Ultra-strength body whitening wash/exfoliating soap.

3D Extra strength whitening serum

Extra Potent skin whitening oil

Note, not suitable for children under 12, if irritations occur please discontinue use and consult your GP.

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Exclusive skin whitening milk for normal colour skin type, light years away, polishes the skin and accelerates cell turn over to help healthier skin glow, at the same time, it helps to remove dead skin cells, resulting in a more even, balanced complexion and brightened skin tone. It offers very stable deeper skin-brightened complexion. The complexion you achieve while using this product is stable, and does not fluctuate. Not suitable for children under 12. If irritation occurs please discontinue use. These set will give you maximum whitening with a continues use in less than 2 months.





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